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Tina is an inspiring Professional Speaker, Author of 5 books, past Radio and TV Show Host and grateful woman in long term recovery. She got sober and clean at 23 years old while attending college in Ohio. With multiple years of continuous sobriety, Tina takes her recovery serious. It’s life or death to her; however, she has found enough joy to laugh again. Her presentation style interweaves her many years of professional experiences in the fields of drug prevention, juvenile justice and social work accented by hilarious hints of humor and hands on activities to keep her audiences engaged.Tina aims to take her audience on an uplifting, inspirational journey. Both professional and flexible; Tina’s presentations mix laughter and learning all the while rejuvenating souls! With her heartfelt riveting stories, Tina gives people the mindset and skillset to help them discover the absolute best version of themselves to live every single day – resulting in more positive, can-do attitudes, developing amazing healthy relationships, higher levels of productivity, and greater health and happiness. Tina Talks Truth on these topics: Personal and Professional Development, Self-Care & Wellness Management and Leadership. Tina’s most popular and renowned presentation: “Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion!” can be customized for faith based or secular events as well as other main stream audiences. “Celebrating Recovery through Laughter” is Tina’s inspirational story loaded with humor to lighten the load and “Lead like a Boss!” is Tina’s interactive and engaging Staff Development Training and Keynote to equip audiences with tools to communicate with their team and lead. She’s a humorous motivator for women’s groups, both professional and women’s wellness and is in demand as a conference speaker for government and non-profit organizations. Tina is an author of inspirational books: “Let your lessons become your blessings”, “Let your forgiveness become your freedom”, “Little book, BIG truth” and two Professional Development books: “Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion” and “Heartbeat of a R.E.A.L. Leader”

Self-Care and Wellness Management

Self-Care is sensible, not selfish.

You take care of so many others. Who takes care of you?

Treat yourself like your own best friend.

Treat yourself today with that one special gift you always wanted.

Spend time in a moment of relaxation and gratitude.

Take care of you, no one else will.

Speaker for Women’s Retreats

Bayside Community Church hired me to deliver a weekend long inspirational and thought provoking Women’s Retreat entitled “Discover, Activate and Elevate!” From Friday night till Sunday morning, we laughed, cried and laughed some more together. This incredible group of ladies welcomed me with open arms.

I wanted to share some of the feedback from these wonderful women:

“Thank you again! I know you reached so many ladies.”

“This weekend changed my life!”

“I made up so many excuses not to get into action. You and your story has motivated me to volunteer and take better care of myself!”

“You reminded me to take care of my temple and do what I am passionate about!”

“I feel alive again! Full! And so so loved!”

Staff Development Trainer

TOPIC: “Who’s Taking Care of YOU?”

I am excited to be conducting a Staff Development Training to Afterschool Providers and Staff in Pasco County Saturday, Feb. 2, 2019. Due to high demand, I will conduct 2 workshops.

This workshop is interactive, high energy and engaging! None of my audiences just sit there and listen to a lecture.

The topic? Self-Care and Wellness. Yep, we will talk about how to Prevent Burn-Out. Actually, the audience will walk away with 6 new ways to prevent burn-out and 3 ways to recover from burn-out!

Get ready to have some fun!

Hurricanes create Community!

After returning from evacuating Hurricane Irma here in Clearwater, Florida…
What you don’t see or feel on the media is what Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma created….a sense of Community!

Neighbors smiling at you, strangers asking you if you need anything, friends inviting you over to use their water for that nice hot shower, hours and hours of work from first responders, electric company linemen and sharing electric to charge our only tool for communication to family and friends throughout the world or a hot meal offered by that ‘friend’ on Facebook that you have not actually met in person yet.

How is it that tragedy brings out the best in one another?
When we experience the worse, it brings out the best.
Basic needs are valued more, life is priceless and relationships mean the most after traumatic moments.  It evens the playing field.

Today, I am grateful.
I am grateful for each and every person I have in my life.  I thank you!

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