Tina’s first book and best seller, is a devotional filled with her faithful journey of extreme restoration from the depths of darkness back. After reading this book, you will want to turn your lessons into blessings!

This book teaches you how to forgive yourself as well as forgive others.  Are you ready to live a life full of happiness, joy and peace?

This popular book for teens answers questions young people may have about the pressures they feel today.  Youth will learn how to inspire others as well as feel inspired.  A resource guide for drug prevention, suicide prevention and bullying prevention is included at the end of this book.

This workbook will take you on a discovery journey of your strengths, ignite your passion and find your purpose!  Do you want to be inspired?

This book was written to help you navigate through the painful times and move toward your passion and purpose to become a life changing leader who supports their team and creates a safe environment where gifts flourish. There is great value in discovering your strengths. Stay strong and remain coachable!