About Tina

Hi, I’m Tina!

A Speaker, Author of 5 books, Staff Development Trainer and a catalyst for authentic inspiration in your personal life and/or professional life.

What does that mean?  

I love inspiring people!

Someone you trust mentioned my name or you stumbled upon one of my videos, radio shows, quotes or blogs online.  Whatever path you took, I’m glad you’re here!

This site is full of inspiring resources and ideas that can help you lead teams to success, create a self care and wellness plan for yourself and many other powerful tools to help you reach your dreams and help others.

I am a Nationally renowned Professional Speaker, past Radio Show and TV Show Host, Humorous Motivator, Professional Staff Development Trainer and Author that works with Corporate Companies, Agencies, Schools and Churches to create a Safe, Positive and High Performance Culture. I equip my audiences with tools to prevent burn-out, ignite passion and develop leadership skills, as well as other topics. 

My personal story is nothing short of a miraculous healing from abuse and addictions.  To find out more about Tina Talks Truth Ministry, please click here.

I bring all the elements that you look for in a humorous motivational speaker: high energy, laughter, interaction, customization, and surprises around every turn with relevant content you can use to transform your work environment and your life!

  • Both professional and relatable; my presentations mix laughter and learning all while rejuvenating souls!


“Tina is medicine for the soul!” 

–from a conference coordinator who booked me as their conference Keynote Speaker!

For Success Stories, click here. 

  • I have excelled professionally with over 21 years in corporate and government sectors focusing on the fields of Social Work, Drug Prevention and Juvenile Justice.

Personally, I absolutely love being a motivating wife, nurturing mother, loving daughter, sister and friend to many.  My husband and I were Licensed Therapeutic Foster Care Parents to a teenager as well as have one biological son. 

When I am not on the stage speaking or conducting staff development trainings, I love writing, reading, fishing and spending precious time with her 2 dogs, family and friends.


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Keynote Speaker, Tina Levene