Hurricanes create Community!

Hurricanes create Community!

After returning from evacuating Hurricane Irma here in Clearwater, Florida…
What you don’t see or feel on the media is what Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma created….a sense of Community!

Neighbors smiling at you, strangers asking you if you need anything, friends inviting you over to use their water for that nice hot shower, hours and hours of work from first responders, electric company linemen and sharing electric to charge our only tool for communication to family and friends throughout the world or a hot meal offered by that ‘friend’ on Facebook that you have not actually met in person yet.

How is it that tragedy brings out the best in one another?
When we experience the worse, it brings out the best.
Basic needs are valued more, life is priceless and relationships mean the most after traumatic moments.  It evens the playing field.

Today, I am grateful.
I am grateful for each and every person I have in my life.  I thank you!

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