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Freedom From Forgiveness

Christian Women’s Conferences

Community and Faith Leaders come together for Forum to help those in Recovery from Mental Health and Substance Use

Collaboration and Advocacy is the foundation for the Hillsborough Community and Faith Leaders Forum. Keynote Speaker Tina Levene kicked off the event with sharing her testimony of healing from abuse and addictions.

A world without hope! By Tina Levene

Can you imagine? What if you woke up today without a purpose? What if you never saw the sun shine again? What if all you did was see all the evil and negativity in this world?

What if? Let’s start today and change our ‘what if’s’ to whatevers!  Let’s focus on the moment. Enjoy this second. Try not to live in tomorrow, for tomorrow is not here yet. Learn from your past but don’t live in it. Keep your attention on what brings you joy instead of pain. Become obsessed with all the good in this world. Focus on the positive people who love you and care about you. It’s your choice!

Thank you to my audiences!

I have the absolute best audiences of social workers, counselors, therapists, teachers and case managers. Thank you!

What is a contributing factor to addictions?

Join Tina on her journey of bringing hope to the hopeless females she encounters:

Common BARRIERS to YOUR Wellness!

1.  Negative Thinking-turn your attitude into an Attitude of Gratitude!  What are you grateful for today? Try to name 3 things a day.

2.  Stress-managing the overwhelming tasks of everyday life can build up and cause an overload of pressure and frustration.  Start your day with a Relaxing Ritual.  If you relax first thing in the morning, your heart, head and soul will be aligned to conquer your busy life.

3.  Distractions-noise, chaos and disorganization cause you to lose focus on what and who are important in your life.  Keep your head up, strive toward your goals and live like there’s no tomorrow.

4.  Lack of Direction-what are your goals? Dreams? Those hoped for? Stay the course!  Make short term and long term goals for yourself.  Set a timeline to those goals. You can do it!

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2 Keys to Harmony at Work!

1.  Value-Acknowledge your team members for who they are and their gifts!  They bring uniqueness like no one else. They are priceless. Not only will you see a team that respects you, but you will build a fundamental relationship that encourages them to exceed their normal job duties.

2.  Appreciation-Recognize and Celebrate your team!  Every team member will have a sense of satisfaction and it sets up a safe environment that honors each other’s gifts and accomplishments.

Based off my Best Selling Professional Development Book:
“Heartbeat of a R.E.A.L. Leader”

Workplace violence: what are you doing to protect your staff?

If heavy workloads, busy schedules and many tasks to achieve in a short 8 hour day wasn’t enough to cause stress, now we are concerned with staying alive at work!

What do you do if a disgruntle employee starts shooting up the place? Do you run? Hide? Or fight back?

The truth is…unfortunately, you don’t realize what that answer is till you are in that situation.

Staff are stressed with professional and personal issues, overwhelmed with deadlines and the last thing they need to do is fear for their lives.

What are you, the employer, doing to maintain a safe, positive and high performance environment?

My most popular topic is “Who’s Taking Care of You?” It’s a one hour to three hour Staff Development Training that is engaging and interactive for your employees. They receive 6 ways to prevent burn-out, 3 ways to recover from burn-out, communicate effectively and team build with one another.

What does burn-out and staff retention have to do with workplace safety?

I’m so glad you asked. Did you know that over 50% of employees are burnt out while 70% are dreaming of working another job while working at their current job?

Yes, according to the Families and Work Study, this data is accurate. Employees are overwhelmed, stressed and creating violence as a dangerous solution.

Most of the workplace shooters had been experiencing some sort of life changing stressful event at the time of their deadly rampage; a break up, loss of job, move, death of a relative.

It’s time we learn how to manage our stress in a positive, productive way that will heal each other; not harm one another.

Call Tina Levene today to schedule a consultation on creating a culture that nurtures positivity and growth. When your employees feel safe, everyone wins!

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