New Journey with Homeless & Runaway Youth!

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New Journey with Homeless & Runaway Youth!

Many of you that know me understand my passion for young people, let alone young people that are struggling with life.  Today marks the end of a chapter at the Department of Juvenile Justice and on Monday, I start a new chapter in my profession.

I will coordinate a program to keep homeless and runaway youth safe.  It is a bitter sweet transition because I have grown to love my colleagues here at DJJ, however, I know I already have a work family waiting for me at my new job.

New beginnings can be packaged full of anxiety decorated with excitement and topped off with a tight, uncontrollable bow to present itself as a surprise to pave a bright future.  Thank you to everyone that I have crossed paths with in this journey and I anticipate our paths will cross again in the near future.



“Thank you so much for your vulnerability in sharing your struggles and how God brought you through and used that to walk others through their stuff.  You are awesome!  We will definitely tell others of your ministry and availability to speak at events.  We pray that the Lord continues to use you to bring freedom to many!” Pastor Fritz, Grace Family Church
Missions Retreat Keynote Speaker