Motivational Speaker-Bianca Ash

Motivational Speaker-Bianca Ash

Bianca Ash

Female Motivational Speakers are special and few and far between, especially Female Youth Motivational Speakers.  I have asked a few women that inspired me to pursue the art of motivating young people to share their experiences with the world.

First, let me introduce to you, Ms. Bianca Ash.  I have not had the pleasure to meet Ms. Bianca in person, but as you will read below, she seems to shine through her words, so I can only imagine how bright her light is in person!

Bianca Ash, a native of Kansas City, MO graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Strayer University. She is the Founder/ CEO of Beautiful Legacy Inc. an Atlanta nonprofit organization geared at educating, equipping, and empowering girls and young women to create and leave a legacy that is uniquely their own. She is also an ordained minister using spiritual knowledge with practical application to help her girls build a foundation of faith. She is currently expanding her empire to reach girls and young women around the world through her speaking, life coaching, and consulting business.

Please read her thoughtful and inspiring answers to my questions (in bold) below:

  • When & how did you first realize you wanted to become a Youth Motivational Speaker? It kind of just happened, I’ve been in youth ministry for over 10 years. I never saw myself as a speaker, but the more I began to work with and teach youth, I realized that they listened to me and enjoyed the stories I would share. It wasn’t until about two years ago, after I started my own nonprofit, that I decided I wanted to take my speaking a step further and start sharing my story and life with others everywhere.
  • What do you love about speaking? I love being able to connect with the audience. There is something very powerful about a person making the connection with your story or the words you are sharing and seeing their reaction. It allows me to be vulnerable in a way I cannot be in any other setting. I also love meeting young people from all over the world.
  • How long have you been speaking? I have been speaking informally for about 10 years but formally I’ve been speaking for about 3 years.
  • Share one occasion when a youth really inspired you after they heard you speak. Wow, there have been so many great stories but the one that comes to mind was during youth ministry. I used to hold sessions for a group of girls at my church. We would meet and discuss things from self-esteem to the Bible to dating. There was a young lady who used to give me a hard time. She was disruptive and always had something to say about everything what we talked about. A lot of times she acted as if she did not want to participate in the classes but she came anyway because her friends were there and her mom sort of made her. One night, I was helping with our youth ministry and the speaker asked them to share something that they had learned from someone that influenced them. The young lady, who I thought never paid any attention, raised her hand. She began to recite all the things I had been teaching them over the last few weeks word for word and how it had helped her in a situation she had faced in the last week. At that moment, I realized the impact I had made on her life. I also realized that just because someone’s actions may say one thing, it doesn’t mean they aren’t listening and taking in all that you are saying. I knew if I could get through to her, then I could reach anyone.  She was part of my motivation to keep speaking and helping girls.
  • What type of advice would you give a female that wants to pursue Youth Motivational Speaking? I would tell her to first, determine with whom she wants to share her story with and speak to. Second, I would tell her to be herself and to not worry about trying to copy someone else. Her authenticity will be what connects with her audience. Lastly, I will tell her to jump out there and do it. It is one of the most rewarding experiences she will ever be a part of.

Thank you Ms. Bianca Ash for taking time to share your story with us. 

Keep shining your light!

If you would like to contact Bianca and have her speak to your audiences, please contact her at the information below.

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Phone: 678-861-3872