Silly & Serious Speaker!

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Silly & Serious Speaker!


Humor heals!
Have you laughed today? No seriously…

Have you laughed today? Like a belly laugh? Like a “I’m about to pee my pants” laugh today?

I invite you to follow me on Facebook: Tina Talks Truth and Instagram: Tina Talks Truth! Oh yeah, and that tweeter thing a mig jig! Tina Talks Truth…how’d you guess?

Today, I challenge you to…L A U G H!
Life is so serious most days and it’s important to just laugh. Chuckle! Giggle! Belly laugh!
So…what are you waiting for? Get ready, get set…go…laugh!

Tina hit every topic we wanted covered & has such a flair that she made the event a success! Her expert knowledge combined with her down to Earth-truthful nature & a hint of humor, put everyone at ease & made the youth comfortable.
Cindy GrantDirectorHillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance Tampa, FL