Tina Miller, Speaker & Author

“Tina had the group engaged the moment she was in front of them. Not only was she interesting, she was entertaining, and she hits every point in a skilled manner. The group felt she knew where they were coming from. Tina’s sense of humor and fun nature played a key role for the group as well. She completely exceeded our expectations.”

Coleen LaCosta from Foster Adoptive Parent Association of Florida

Tina’s 5 Top Successful Skillsets

While customizing presentations for your Corporate Companies, Social Service Agencies and Schools, Tina will help:

  1. Increase your Communication with Team Building Skills.
  2. Improve your Professional Effectiveness.
  3. Learn Components to Emotional Intelligence.
  4. Increase your Employee Productivity.
  5. Increase your Employee Retention.

Tina achieves these skillsets by:

  • Creating your Safe and Positive Environment.
  • Defining your Ideal Positive Culture.
  • Developing your R.E.A.L. Leaders.

Tina equips your audience of Faith-Based Agencies, Conferences and Churches by:

  • Overcoming Abuse, Addictions and Adversities.
  • Developing your Self-Care and Wellness Techniques.
  • Creating a Positive and Healthy plan for your life.
  • Leading Others Successfully.

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