Who is Tina? Tina is a humorous motivational speaker and professional staff development trainer who works with agencies, schools and churches to motivate audiences to live healthy, happy lives by preventing burn-out, building resiliency skills and E.P.I.C. relationships!

What Differentiates Tina from the other speakers? As a Published Author of 4 inspirational books: “Let your lessons become your blessings”, “Let your forgiveness become your freedom”, “Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion” and “Little book, BIG truth”, Tina brings all the elements that you look for in a humorous motivational speaker: high energy, laughter, interaction, customization, and surprises around every turn with relevant content you can use to transform your life! Delivered in a visual package that is entertaining and fun – she’s a “conference coordinator’s dream come true!” Both professional and flexible; Tina’s presentations mix laughter and learning all while rejuvenating souls!   Tina talks truth on these topics:  Self-Care & Wellness, Resiliency Skills Development and Leadership Trainings. Tina’s most popular and nationally renowned presentation: Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion! can be customized for faith based or secular events. “Celebrating Recovery through Laughter” is Tina’s nationally renowned inspirational story loaded with side splitting humor to lighten the load.  Tina will customize her presentation for your event!  Ask her about it!

Who Books Tina? Churches, organizations or schools looking for a humorous motivational speaker who can deliver the solutions, outcomes and fun YOU want for your audience! Call Tina and we’ll secure your date for you!

What Makes Tina so popular? Her presentation style interweaves her many years of professional experiences in the fields of Drug Prevention, Juvenile Justice and Social Work expertise accented by hilarious hints of humor and hands on activities to keep her audiences engaged.

“Tina takes you on an uplifting, inspirational journey”


”Engaging and Full of hope!”

“Tina is medicine for the soul!” – just a few of the comments from conference coordinators world-wide who have booked Tina as their conference Keynote Speaker! With her quick witty humor around every corner of her heartfelt riveting stories, Tina gives people the mindset and skillset to help them discover the absolute best version of themselves to live every single day – resulting in more positive, can-do attitudes, developing amazing healthy relationships, higher levels of productivity, greater health and happiness, and a self-wellness plan designed especially for you.

Tina LOVES speaking to ALL groups: young and…not so young!  She is particularly popular as a motivational speaker in certain arenas demonstrating her professional expertise of working over 20 years in Drug Prevention, Juvenile Justice and Social Work. Her personal strength is in overcoming abuse, addictions, codependency and many adversities. She’s a humorous motivator for women’s groups (both professional and women’s wellness groups), and is in constant demand as a conference speaker for government and non-profit organizations (her social work roots go deep!) and educational groups (once a teacher, always a teacher!)

The Back Story Tina was born and raised in a small Ohio town. Her childhood was anything but easy. Tina became a victim of rape, abuse, domestic violence and the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction ran rampantly throughout her family. Tina learned at a young age not to have a voice. She literally did not start speaking till almost 3 years old. She did not find her voice until after getting sober and clean, many years of therapy and actively involved in self help support groups. Tina has not stopped speaking since!

Her inspirational voice has encouraged young people in jails to Key Stakeholders and major Decision Makers in legislation. Tina graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Akron in Ohio. She pursued working in the fields of Social Work, Juvenile Justice and Drug Prevention for the last 19 years.  Tina has always excelled professionally but personally, she absolutely loves being a motivating wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to many. When she is not on the stage, Tina loves writing, reading and spending precious time with family and friends.

While always trying to advocate and encourage others to have a voice, Tina and her husband became Licensed Therapeutic Foster Parents to a teenage boy in Florida. She is a volunteer Chaplain for the Department of Juvenile Justice as well as Certified in Drug Prevention, SBIRT and Mental Health First Aid. Tina brings an array of professional expertise to her positive personal development to the stage!

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