In order to accomplish that dream, you will need to develop R.E.A.L. Leaders throughout your organization;

People who have the characteristics of a R.E.A.L. Leader even if they don’t have the job title.

Empowering and Inspiring People is key!


Tina equips audiences with pertinent content and valuable takeaways!

Tina equips her professional audiences of Corporate Companies, Social Services Agencies, Schools and Churches with tools to:

  • Defining your Ideal Corporate Culture
  • Discovering and Using Individual’s Strengths and Gifts.
  • Best Practices to Create an Environment of Celebration and Inspiration.
  • Specific Ways to Increase Productivity.
  • Preventing and Recovering from Burn-Out.
  • Developing R.E.A.L. Leaders.


Tina equips her audiences of Faith-Based Agencies, Conferences and Churches with tools to:

  • Recover from abuse, addictions and adversities.
  • Develop self care and wellness techniques.
  • Create a positive and healthy plan for your life.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Lead others by celebrating their gifts.


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