Monthly Archives: May 2016

Chewbecca mask

truthtileThe truth is…laughter and joy are contagious!

I absolutely love the woman that puts on the Chewbecca mask and just laughs and laughs.  How can you not laugh with her and at her mask?

Humor heals!  In a world where it’s stressful just driving your car one block down the street, or standing in a line at the local fast food restaurant;  we need light hearted laughter.  Laughing reduces stress, decreases blood pressure and makes life worth living.  That last fact, I made up!  Furthermore, who does not like to laugh?  Seriously, get a good ole’ laugh in today!

Every speaking presentation I do includes humor.  Clean, rated PG humor.  Non offensive, good fun humor.  The kind of humor my audiences get, understand and want more of.  Humor heals…and so does chocolate 😉