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Silly & Serious Speaker!


Humor heals!
Have you laughed today? No seriously…

Have you laughed today? Like a belly laugh? Like a “I’m about to pee my pants” laugh today?

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Today, I challenge you to…L A U G H!
Life is so serious most days and it’s important to just laugh. Chuckle! Giggle! Belly laugh!
So…what are you waiting for? Get ready, get set…go…laugh!

Your friends are your future! Assembly for middle & high school students!


One of my powerful presentations to middle & high school students is called “Your friends are your future!”

I have worked over 17 years with drug addicted youth, youth in foster care, incarcerated youth, victims of human trafficking, youth that have been abused and neglected, as well as being a Licensed Therapeutic Foster Parent, volunteer chaplain in the Department of Juvenile Justice, held a temporary teaching certification to teach grades 6-12 so I could teach at a drop out prevention school for middle & high school females.  With all of my education & expertise, I can honestly say that who you spend your time around is what you will become!

This goes for youth and adults!

In February, I had the opportunity to speak with a young 16 year old man.  He had the sweetest smile, eager to please his mother and dying to be accepted by his peers.  The last I shared with him is this…”Your friends are your future!  Show me your friends & I’ll show you your future!”

2 weeks later, his ‘friends’ accidentally shot & killed him.

Devastating!  I grieve for his mother who no longer has to purchase a suit and tie for his eighth grade graduation but a suit and tie to lay her ‘baby’ (the youngest of 6 children) to rest in a casket.  Never to see him again.

Why are peer relationships so influential in human beings lives?

It comes down to one word….acceptance.

If we can accept ourselves, it will not matter what others think of us.

If you want a good prediction of your future…look at the people you surround yourself with.

Are they loving?  Kind?  Forgiving?  Trustworthy?  Are they successful?  Positive?  Do they motivate you to be better?

If not, please please please, find people you want your future to look like!

This is why I am so passionate about young people.  We all have ‘issues’, but to overcome those ‘issues’ we have to set ourselves up for success.

Bullying Prevention Speaker

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Cyber Bullying
As a speaker for teens, I share gems of wisdom to young people and encourage their pursuit of dreams and aspirations. Teens have a lot of pressures today!
Many avenues to bullying consist of cyber bullying, the world wide web.

According to, here’s some pointers to prevent yourself or your child from becoming a victim of cyber bullying.

  • Be aware of what your kids are doing online.
  • Establish rules about technology use.
  • Understand school rules.

Tina’s tid bits of truth:  “Believe your child if they say someone is hurting them!”

Youth Motivational Speaker Review from Teen Summit in Tampa, FL

“Tina was our keynote speaker at our annual Teen Summit. There were approximately 60 youth & 40 adults in our audience and never have I seen such a captive audience of youth. She was able to keep them engaged, entertained and inspired by her message and testimony. We will definitely keep Tina in mind for future events, or as a referral if anyone is looking for someone to speak to their youth. She even met with us before the event and was open to customizing her talk on our suggestions of what we would like her to address since our topic is specific. We are so thankful for her easy going, upbeat and fun energy and I know the youth were as well. Thank you Tina!”
Take good care,
Tenille Myslicki, MS
Director of Outreach Services at
The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc.

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