Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Keynote Speaker

Thank you FRSCPA Firm for hiring me to motivate your staff!  Here’s a rave review:

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Leadership Training for Volunteers & Professionals!

3 Roles of a REAL leader!

From my most popular Leadership Training for Volunteers & Professionals. 

1.   To sacrifice themselves to help their team feel safe.      Leaders create and implement a vision that is healthy and successful for the whole team utilizing all of their gifts.

2.   To run towards danger to prevent a fire, not away from it.
Leaders are fearless, focused and forward thinking.

3.   To endure great responsibility!
Leaders are responsible professionals, willing to work hard, commit to project deadlines and help others.


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“Thank you so much for your vulnerability in sharing your struggles and how God brought you through and used that to walk others through their stuff.  You are awesome!  We will definitely tell others of your ministry and availability to speak at events.  We pray that the Lord continues to use you to bring freedom to many!” Pastor Fritz, Grace Family Church
Missions Retreat Keynote Speaker