”Discovering God’s purpose without burning out!”

Women’s Event Speaker: “Discovering God’s purpose…without burning out!” which includes understanding self-care and wellness techniques, audience participatory lecture and small group activities. It’s a fun, interactive Women’s Bible study and motivating lecture where women come as they are without judgment and leave feeling hopeful, purposeful and rejuvenated!



“Celebrating Recovery through Laughter!”

Tina’s testimony wrapped up in a humorous event that will make you laugh one minute and cry from her endless desire to be all that God has created her to be in the next minute! With over 19 years sober and clean, Tina packs in a wealth of experience, strength and hope into a message that will give everyone hope. As Tina always encourages her audiences: “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.” Her presentation is for all audiences, not just those seeking recovery from hurts, habits and hang-ups.

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