”Preventing Burn-Out, Igniting Passion!”

Audiences will take away new ideas, knowledge, practical applications and the skills to implement them. Many attendees have shared that Tina’s presentations are an enhancement to their practice and area of specialization. This memorable presentation provides real life applicable practices to enhance Prevention Specialists, Social Workers, Counselors, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Case Managers and Coalition Leaders authentic staff development in a large group as well as incorporating small group activities. According to a study conducted by Families and Work Institute, over 50% of U.S. employees will experience some form of burn out at their current jobs. Preventing Burn-Out of employees increases staff morale, team building and decreases staff turnover. This workshop ignites and rejuvenates the passion within each audience member. Fun, engaging and entertaining!


”Heartbeat of a REAL Leader!”

This innovative presentation, “Heartbeat of a REAL Leader” provides applicable leadership practices and authentic personal development in a large group participatory lecture as well as incorporating small group interactive activities with the audience. This presentation will increase participant morale, team building and decrease employee and volunteer turn over as well as capture the attention of young people to potentially lead big service projects within their community. This presentation, provides positive personal development skills and accomplishing self-care and wellness tools to help young people, as well as professionals. All interwoven with humor and motivational techniques by a professional Speaker. Tina brings a wealth of knowledge as a leader in her professional field with over 18 years in social work, drug prevention and juvenile justice as well as personally overcoming abuse, addictions and many adversities.
Participants will:
1. Enhance self-care techniques through valuable wellness management.
2. Develop professional and personal identity through effective positive communication skills.
3. Develop strategies to resolve conflict.


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