Chewbecca mask

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Chewbecca mask

truthtileThe truth is…laughter and joy are contagious!

I absolutely love the woman that puts on the Chewbecca mask and just laughs and laughs.  How can you not laugh with her and at her mask?

Humor heals!  In a world where it’s stressful just driving your car one block down the street, or standing in a line at the local fast food restaurant;  we need light hearted laughter.  Laughing reduces stress, decreases blood pressure and makes life worth living.  That last fact, I made up!  Furthermore, who does not like to laugh?  Seriously, get a good ole’ laugh in today!

Every speaking presentation I do includes humor.  Clean, rated PG humor.  Non offensive, good fun humor.  The kind of humor my audiences get, understand and want more of.  Humor heals…and so does chocolate 😉

“Thank you so much for your vulnerability in sharing your struggles and how God brought you through and used that to walk others through their stuff.  You are awesome!  We will definitely tell others of your ministry and availability to speak at events.  We pray that the Lord continues to use you to bring freedom to many!” Pastor Fritz, Grace Family Church
Missions Retreat Keynote Speaker